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Fake nudes on K-pop stars and Seoul TV shows have long been interesting not only to Koreans. With the development of the fandom, fetishes on these heroes inevitably appear in other countries. sexcelebrity presents the audience with a truly impressive selection of FaceSwap with the most popular “idols” that you can imagine in the “hot” genres. Realize your fantasies with new machine technologies!

Korean deepfakes

The genre of Korean deepfake has certain specifics. In Korea, they are very tolerant of both eroticism and pornography. At the same time, fans are usually interested in completely different fetishes. Fortunately, face swap has already been elevated enough to expose the most popular media faces to the bodies of specially hired webcam models.

Korean nude celebs are first and foremost famous people from K-pop and TV shows about everyday life. There are too many of these stars to manage to appear in candid photo shoots even upon retiring, not to mention the contractual obligations to the label. Typically, teenage stars sell their image rights to wealthy producers literally for decades to come.

Fake nudes are, therefore, not legally sanctioned. However, to prove the absolute similarity of face swap with real faces is almost impossible. Therefore, you can safely and legally enjoy your favorite stars in spicy poses without the slightest concern about legality. Moreover, all models for fake nudes are of legal age. Usually, these are professional sitters posing for pornographic webcam shows, which are selected according to an approximate anatomical fit. shows each visitor an impressive library of genres with Asian celebrities. If the site does not have any genre, it means that they are most likely simply not interested in it. Genre diversity, of course, has reasonable limits. No realistic violence, snuff videos, and other forbidden genres, only pure eroticism to the delight of all lovers of Korean music and TV.

The specifics of such kpop video deepfakes are also in a certain “fleetingness” of the genre. Pop idols go into circulation extremely quickly. Finding fake porn with popular singers of a decade ago is almost impossible – they are almost forgotten, which is not surprising. Korean pop music is a conveyor belt on which to enjoy selling images of fresh innocence right now. Sexcelebrity simply collects current trends and presents the best porn samples created using cutting-edge machine learning technologies.

FaceSwap on the Korean stage is very simple. There is a stereotype about the similarity of many Korean faces to foreigners, but even for fans from the Land of Morning Freshness themselves, replacing one idol with another is painless. The style for teenage idols is being developed in bulk, releasing at the same time a mass of almost identical singers and models. Fake porn greatly diversifies the perception of Korean music and culture in general.

So What We Have at The End?

The site provides what millions of fans expect, but what they cannot get due to the strict corporate rules of Korean pop music. Any modern teenage idol has a completely erotic charisma. Nobody will refuse to see Face Swap with the same Hyuna or any other cult character from Bohemia. The modern Seoul culture of the golden youth is extremely sexualized. So why not give vent to your true feelings?